Unified Business Inbox

Automation is always considered a dream target to any professional organization but the big two questions are “How cost it is ? ” & “How long it takes ? ”. That’s why we @ PSystems thought of how to give our customers a solution that enable them to automate any department within a few days by their own.

The solution is UBI

PSystems Offering Business Values

Implementation of Enterprise Content Management System

Business Functions:

  • User Inbox
  • Define document types
  • Check in a document
  • Check out a document
  • Delegate to another user
  • Workflow builder
  • Desktop Integration
  • Record Management
  • Basic Search
  • Search for documents
  • Advanced search:
    • Search based on content types attributes or data entry form attributes
    • Search using process details (current user, specific user, number of instances, delegation)
    • Search within documents
  • User Logging

What is UBI

It’s a communication platform for corporates’ business processes, documents & correspondences.

Business Process Automation Platform

It’s required to have a corporate platform for modeling and integrating any business process (any work procedures)

Document Management System

It’s required to have a corporate platform for document archiving with document capturing solution and dynamic workflow builder

Correspondence System

It’s required to implement a solution for managing the organization correspondences with the ability of document attaching and mail notifications.


  • One unified user inbox
  • Most required ECM functionalities

    • Dynamic Content Types creation
    • Document Check-InD
    • ocument Check-Out
    • Document Versioning

  • Some important BPM functionalities

    • Approve
    • Reject
    • Comment
    • Delegate to another user

  • Searching for data/document
  • Search inside documents
  • Standard business reports
  • Mail integration
  • Easy security management
Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 4.47.52 PM

 Correspondence Management business Benefits


Enabling workflow for multilevel approvals.

Ensuring documents are stored and retrieved appropriately.

Supporting document formatting requirements.

Providing document audit capabilities.


Providing workflow and template management.

Consolidating number of templates in use.

Reusing content, rules, and variables.

Reducing document development time.


Reducing maintenance and mainframe costs by retiring Legacy systems.

Consolidating vendors or data centers.

Reducing paper, printing, and postage.


Providing customer service representatives with real-time access to customer documents.

Enhancing relevance of marketing opportunities.

Creating better customer experiences.

Business Functions

  • Define departments
  • Define user [name, roles, email, department]
  • Assign department manager
  • Define subject
  • Employees (defined users) at all levels can quickly and easily create relevant documents.
  • Creating an incoming correspondence against an outgoing correspondence
  • Generating of outgoing based on incoming correspondence
  • Generation of outgoing correspondence using auto generated sequential numbering.
  • End user can forward a correspondence to a department(s) and/or user(s) to incoming correspondence which then appear in user’s inbox.
  • “Ask for opinion“ function, which enable the end user to forward a correspondence to a department(s) and/or user(s) and when they reply; the correspondence is sent back to its originator.
  • Sending of outgoing correspondence via email.
  • Retrieval of any subject information.
  • Review my history actions
  • My favorite list [enable end user to add/delete a correspondence to this list]
  • Performance monitoring through
    •  Reports
    • Correspondence registers
    • Responses overdue
    • Actions pending
    • A correspondence per [department/sender/receiver/date/subject]
    • Dashboard
  • Security Management
    •  Each system user will be assigned to a system role
    •  A role is mapped to a set of permissions
    •  A permission is mapped to system function(s)